Look before you speak, Duke

If he is speaking from his past experiences, then David Duke certainly should recognize a racist individual when he sees one. However, it is questionable that accusations declaring Jesse Jackson as racist will help the ex-Klu Klux Klan grand wizard improve his image any or influence the American public to believe that his recent victory was anything but an election day fluke.

While in Chicago over the weekend, Duke, the controversial Republican party convert recently elected to the Louisiana state legislature, called on Jackson “to cease the politics of racial division and minority racism that’s dividing this country.”

It seems rather ironic, not to mention hypocritical, to have a man denounce his own racist affiliations before the nation one month only to begin the next by declaring that another man is responsible for dividing the people of Chicago and the entire United States on racial lines.

It also is difficult to understand how a man dedicated enough to an undeniably racist cause to become its leader can stand before the public claiming that “racists are people like Jesse Jackson who talk about black voting blocks.”

The election of Duke to Louisiana’s legislature already is considered by many a mistake, not to mention a sick sort of joke. Before Duke makes any more public admissions of his opinions on how another individual affects a city, state or even this nation, he would be better off showing that his change of heart on racism isn’t too good to be true.