Walk in our shoes

Common sense seems to dictate that people don’t get punished for their intentions, people get punished for their actions. To assume that Sigma Chi is so ignorant of the negative implications of performing “black face” is sheer lunancy. Mr. Callaghan’s statement that offense was taken only because it let certain blacks jump on the stage and rant and rave about racism again is ignorant and insensitive.

You think your delicate ears are tired of hearing the screams of racism; how do you think the people who are subjected to it feel? That’s the reality of an African-American existence. When I scream I’m usually in pain or discomfort; the ugly face of racism cuts you like a knife. Why? Because it is a cruelty that we (African-Americans) experience our whole lives but we will never get used to it because that is the first step to accepting it.

I wonder how far Mr. Brian Callagan would make it if he had to walk in a “black man’s” shoes.

Timothy Boykin