Student fee hike to top discussion

By Elizabeth M. Behland

NIU President LaTourette’s Fee Study Committee will meet Monday to begin discussion on a proposed student fee increase to provide revenue for the Northern Star for the fiscal year 1989.

The meeting wll begin at 7:45 p.m. in the Lowden Hall Conference Room.

Northern Star Adviser Jerry Thompson said the newspaper has not received any funding through student fees for the last ten years. This year, the Star Publication Board is requesting $1.80 per semester for full-time students. The money would increase the Stars’ budget by more than $75,000 for FY89, according to the Star’s proposal.

Thompson said the Star withdrew from the “student government allocating process” ten years ago. He said before the newspaper’s budget was reviewed by the fee study committee, the Star requested partial support from the Student Association.

The Star’s “legislative needful requests were not handled in a serious manner. The student senate took the opportunity to drag us through the coals and bash us for our editorials” on student government, Thompson said. “We couldn’t tell from one year to the next whether we’d get any money,” he said.

“The newspaper was not willing to make any consent to the student government on the content of the newspaper,” he said.

The newspaper is being “penalized for being successful and responsible,” Thompson said. Because the Star is capable of generating its own funds and surviving within its budget, the newspaper is not receiving the additional funds that could be used to produce a better newspaper, he said

Committee Chairman Anthony Fusaro said the committee will make final decisions about all budget proposals and possible student fee increases before mid-February. The committee will present an advisory report to LaTourette at that time.