Voting necessary, but difficult

Today is the last day for students to get out and vote for Student Association Senate candidates, who are running for very important and responsible positions.

Senators make decisions about such matters as distribution of student fees—your fees—to organizations that are available for and benefit students.

Student voter turnout in the past has not been astronomical and should be taken very seriously considering the power the senate holds.

Perhaps low voter turnout is a result of a lack of campaigning by candidates. Besides a few fliers posted around campus and a few short statements in The Northern Star, there has been little campaigning to speak of.

For most students, the names on the ballot are just that—names on a ballot. Since petitions were due last Thursday evening, that leaves Friday and Monday for campaigning. It is the responsibility of the SA executives and senate to ensure a beneficial and accurate campaign.

A forum or debate would be helpful so students have the opportunity to hear candidates’ platforms. With the information disseminated now, all that students can see on a flier or advertisement is “vote for me because I support students.”

This makes it difficult to make an informed decision on such an important position.