Students battle for senate seats

By Holly Schubert and Tammy Sholer

The Student Association will hold elections Tuesday and Wednesday to fill five off-campus and two on-campus senate seats. The Northern Star asked candidates why they seek a position with the senate and what issues they feel the senate should address in this semester.

On-Campus Candidates

Colleen Halliman, Freshman, Pre-Law

“I want to be a senator because right now students are not equally represented,” she said. Halliman said she will need input from her constituents on what they want done in the SA.

Halliman said the SA needs to prove to the student body that they are representative of all students’ views.

Thomas Gary, Junior, Political Science

Gary said he, as a senator, would contribute views to the SA that normally would not be heard and those views will help the SA in the long run.

One of Gary’s concerns is the fundng of SA-recognized organizations. He said the SA should look closely at the amount of funds it allocates to different organizations.

Cynthia Miller, Junior, French

“I want to get involved in something and I think student affairs is good,” Miller said. She said she was studying in France last semester and was not involved in the SA. However, Miller said she was on several SA subcommittees two years ago.

Miller said she is not up to date with SA politics but students should work together on geting more funds from the state because of recent education funding cuts.

Ranjeet Rai, Freshman, Political Science

Rai said he is withdrawing from the race Monday and will support the Young Democrat ticket.

The Young Democrats support Colleen Halliman and Bradley Strauss as the on-campus SA candidates and Andrew Shankman as the off-campus candidate.

Bradley Strauss, Sophomore, Political Science

“It’s important that students are fairly represented,” Strauss said. Each student pays tuition and should have a voice in decisions concerning them, he said.

Strauss said he is lobbying senators in Springfield for a separate governing board for NIU. NIU is governed by the Board of Regents with Sangamon State University in Springfield and Illinois State University in Normal.

Ilene Tokarz, Sophomore, Organization Corporate Communications

“I wanted to represent people who live on-campus,” Tokarz said. Tokarz said she has no specific goals but is waiting to see what issues are addressed at the first SA meeting Sunday.

She said more views on racism need to be expressed and she believes the SA will talk about two fraternities – Sigma Chi, whose members were accused of performing a “racist” skit, and Lambda Chi Alpha, where a member was accused of raping a woman belonging to fraternity’s little sister organization.

Henry Treftz, Sophomore, Pre-Computer Science

Treftz said he believes the SA has lost its priorities by arguing among itself and not representing students.

Safety in parking lots is a problem which could be solved by building a hut behind Lincoln Hall and having an NIU Security guard escort students to their cars. He said more parking spaces in front of the Student Recreation Center should be reserved for on-campus parking, instead of commuter parking.

Candidates for off-campus spots

Off-campus Candidates

isa Newman, Senior, Elementary Education

Newman said she feels a need to express students’ voices because she wants to see some changes before she graduates.

“First, there should be no more arguing within the senate. Instead problems need to be solved,” she said. Newman also feels tht inadequate parking, racism, library escalator repairs and Holmes Student Center tower repairs will be important issues for the SA to address.

James Diskin, Junior, Political Science

Diskin said he believes in free representation and wants to get involved in campus activities. He said he feels he can be effective and would work hard if elected.

Diskin feels redistricting will be an important issue this semester. He said he has not seen a complaint that was filed questioning the constitutionality of the present system, but he believes the present system is constitutional

obert Zolna, Senior, Art

Zolna said he wants to represent the non-greek, off-campus segment of the student population and address issues as they arise.

Zolna said he feels that the senate redistricting proposals need to be discussed.

Gary Raczek, Junior, History

“I feel I can contribute to make the senate improve overall,” Raczek said.

Raczek said he favors more control over how student fees are spent, especially on the student center and the recreation center. Second, he wants to end overcrowding in classes throgh more education funding from the state. Also, Raczek said the SA needs to address the inadequate parking situation, senate redistricting and a more unified campus. “We’re all students here and we should work together instead of fighting,” he said.

Brigid Garry, Junior, Political Science

“I want to be a senator because I want to get involved in the decision making process that affects this university and I feel I am well qualified to do so,” Garry said.

Garry said increasing compensation to assure a quality faculty, easing relations between different groups on campus and budget cuts and allocation are issues she believes the SA should address.

Andy Shankman, Freshman, History

“I want to get a different voice on the SA then what’s on it now. I want other students not in the greek community to have input,” he said. Shankman said he wants to get involved and support groups that currently do not have a voice in the SA.

Issues that Shankman said the SA should address are funding for WKDI-FM, art galleries and the student center. Shankman said not enough groups receive funding.

Susan Vincent, Junior, Media Studies

“I think it’s a good thing to be involved and representing students,” Vicent said. She said she wants to help whomever she can and be active in campus activities.

Vincent said she would like to see other organizations become more prominent on campus and get everyone involved. She said there are many issues the senate should address.

Robert Rinaldi, Senior, Economics

“I read a lot about the SA and there is a lot of bickering going on and it never seems that anything ever gets done. I’d like to get my two cents in and solve as many things as I can,” Rinaldi said.

Rinaldi said the SA needs to address the inadequate parking problem, racism and control of the bookstore.

Raymond Callahan, Junior, Political SCience

Callahan said he went to several SA meetings last semester and he did not like the discusions. “I don’t think all the issues were addressed fairly and I want to make a difference,” he said.

Callahan said the SA needs to address inadequate parking, lack of campus unity and bookstore control. He said he believes the SA needs to address the racism issue which is creatin “a lot of bad publicity” for NIU.

Gerald Stroobosscher

Despite numerous attempts, the Northern Star was unable to reach Stroosbosscher to include his comments in this summary.