Keep ‘local talent’

I thought, until Monday, that The Northern Star was a paper obligated to local—yes, even student—talent, a place where aspiring reporters, columnists and even cartoonists were given a necessary hearing. Apparently, I was mistaken.

But since the Star has no such commitment, why stop at scratching “Pogs” and “My Strip”? Surely, were a poll taken, “Rodent Speak” would find little, if any, quarter. (“Willy and Ethal” would make a nice replacement.)

The Fun & Games page in order, is there anything we can do about supplanting student columnists (“fine persons,” mind you) with the likes of Greene and Royko, professionals whose writing is more “interesting”?

And as for sports, do you think people stay away from NIU athletic events just so they can read about them in the Star? Forget the Huskies; people want to read about the Bears, the World Series.

Let’s move the whole format to the city; or, short of this, keep as our goal a fine college/community daily dedicated to local talent, to Luckow and Garver.

Richard Parsons

Graduate Student