A greater impact?

So last Wednesday’s protest by NIU’s “pseudo-flower children” was a “stupid” move? However “stupid,” it accomplished its goals—goals necessary to preserve the quality of education in this state for today’s students and students to come.

First, it must be pointed out that this protest was part of an organized state-wide campaign. This campaign included letters to Illinois legislators as well as public rallying. These rallies were conducted with specific goals in mind. The point of the protest on this campus was not to protest the Northern Star, but to raise public concern about the importance of education funding—something the Star has failed to do. The sit-in on Lincoln Highway brought the publicity which was necessary to push this issue to the front of the public forum.

The protestors were criticized for their organization and methods of getting media attention. “An intelligent, sophisticated, organized campaign could have had a much greater impact?” But these criteria are relative and remain undefined. A great impact has already been made. The actions at NIU have reinforced the state-wide cause and prompted the legislature into action. Could the impact have been greater?

Anne Durkin – senior political science