SA reviews WKDI budget problems

By Alan Marcus

Members of the Student Association Finance Committee continued negotiations with managers from WKDI Tuesday night in an effort to resolve the radio station’s financial problems.

SA Treasurer Todd Lipscomb said the first problem involves missing receipts from musical services provided by WKDI. “The Finance Committee has not seen receipts for any revenues which WKDI earned from its ‘remotes’ last year,” he said.

At the 0ct. 13 Finance Committee meeting, WKDI General Manager Helen Frank presented Lipscomb with “a track record of money generated from WKDI remotes.” She also said there were no receipts from last year’s remotes because the previous remotes coordinator did not keep receipts.

At Tuesday’s meeting, Frank submitted a four-part plan for correcting problems with the radio station’s remote service. She said WKDI personnel now are required to sign contracts with the party hiring the remote services.

She also said, “A receipt for all money handled will be kept and filed. In addition, all money received from the remote service will be returned to our account so the person hired to do the remote will be paid through accounting in the form of a paycheck.

“There will also be a set rate for all remotes (and) there will be no discounts for favored organizations.”

After a brief discussion, the proposal was approved and the committee requested Frank to file a report within two weeks detailing her plans for implementation.

Lipsomb said the second problem relates to a supplemental funding request which the SA approved in principle last summer.

“The money was there to make the allocation, but because of red tape and a failure to communicate between WKDI and the SA, WKDI never got anything.”

The committee approved a motion to recommend $1,500 in supplemental funding for WKDI. The proposal will go before the senate this Sunday for final approval.

Lipscomb also said the third problem centers around a deficit in WKDI’s budget. “WKDI went $700 over budget last year, but because they did not meet their revenue contribution last year, their actual deficit was $2,400,” he said.

Finance Committee member Michael Fellenzer proposed not taking action on the deficit. Following a short discussion, the committee unanimously passed Fellenzer’s motion.

Lipscomb said if the committee took no action, “they (WKDI) would still be left with their deficit plus whatever they’ve made this year.”

SA Sen. Diane Palowski said, “They’ve already gotten $3,000 in supplemental funding, and we’ve got to draw the line somewhere because we can’t keep bailing them out.