Vote Democratic

I am writing in response to Michael Murvihill’s letter to the Northern Star. I’d like to say bravo, Mike! What an original idea, attacking Democratic deficits. Sounds like the 1980 and 1984 Presidential campaigns.

But what year is it now? Isn’t it ironic that the Republicans have been in office for fifteen of the last nineteen years? You’re right Mike, Carter did have a deficit of about $60 billion. But what about Reagan? We’re talking more than 240 billion bucks. You want us to put trust in an administration and party that has quadrupled the deficit in only seven years?

You call for “restoring the federal government’s fiscal policies to some semblance of sanity.” I say seven years is enough of Republican attempts at sanity. Restore the social programs, cut the military budget and vote Democratic in 1988.

Eric Kauffman

Political Science