Quite impressive

I enthusiastically commend and congratulate the members of the student coalition who organized and implemented the very impressive, effective and moving March 5 rally for unity to help end discrimination on this campus. This was a unique event in my experience of over three decades of being involved with college campuses. The outpouring of broad-based support from students of all backgrounds was indeed a powerful witness. The eloquence, deeply held values and sincere commitment expressed by student leader after student leader for over three hours was both moving and motivating. Had the seven television stations that covered the event provided “gavel-to-gavel” coverage the public would have experienced an event which showed this generation, or any generation for that matter, at its finest.

It now behooves each of us whether student, faculty or staff, and from every background and interest group, to continue the power and momentum of this unified effort to help end the kind of prejudice which undermines the very basis of our democratic society.

Don Buckner

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