Ticket prices accepted by board

By Jim Wozniak

Ticket prices for men’s basketball, complementary football tickets and reports on the Japanese gymnastics meet and sport medicine were some of the topics discussed at Wednesday’s Athletic Board meeting.

NIU Associate Athletic Director Chuck Shriver presented the ticket plan for the 1987-88 men’s basketball season to the board, which gave its approval. For a single game, reserved seats cost $6 for everyone but NIU students, who pay $1. NIU students still will be able to attend games for free by sitting in the general admission section.

Season tickets are set at $60, based on a 12-game schedule at Chick Evans Field House, for every group except NIU employees and students and their spouses. Faculty and staff have to pay $48, while students and spouses have to hand over $12. Because the schedule is not complete, Shriver said the final prices might change depending on how many fieldhouse games NIU has.

Faculty and staff did not receive a discount last year, and Shriver said their season ticket purchases in 1986-87 dropped heavily. That is why Shriver proposed the reduction for that group. Purchases at the door, which includes NIU students, were a major drop-off, Shriver said, as average fieldhouse attendance slipped to 1,736.

“The total attendance figures for basketball is much greater tied to the won-loss record than football,” Shriver said.

Season tickets for those wanting to retain their same seats from the previous year must be purchased by Nov. 1. Shriver said season tickets can be purchased after that without a guarantee of the same seats. He said the policy of purchasing season tickets after the season begins is ambiguous and will be discussed at the next board meeting.

NIU women’s Athletic Director Susie Pembroke-Jones reported that with three months remaining in the fiscal year and spring football just beginning, sports medicine already has a $2,300 deficit. Men’s Athletic Director Robert Brigham said the reason is NIU has had more injuries this year than in the past.

A complementary ticket plan for the football season also was approved. This was the same policy as in 1986, where Brigham sends no more than 150 complementary tickets to the opposing team and gives at most 300 tickets to charitable organizations. Shriver said Brigham can give less to charities if a large, paying crowd is expected for games like Parent’s Day.

NIU’s other associate athletic director, Jerry Ippoliti, gave a break-down of the gymnastics meet in December between NIU and the Japanese. The final figures showed NIU earned about a $970 profit. No money was charged for using the fieldhouse to host the meet, which Student Association President Jim Fischer questioned. The question was not answered, but a reason is expected to be given at the board’s April 29 meeting.

Jones said the Japanese were not given a guarantee, while women’s Assistant Athletic Director Cary Groth said the Huskie Club and the NI Club provided money for housing.