‘Titans’ improves in second season

Titans improves in second season

‘Titans’ improves in second season

By Jacob Roushia

“Titans” season two premiered Sept. 6 and provides great value to the DC Universe streaming service. The show comes out every Friday, with a total of 13 planned episodes. 

It is a show exclusive to the DC Universe streaming service that shows original and pre-existing content based on DC Comics characters. It is available for $7.99 a month or $74.99 annually.

Unlike 2003’s “Teen Titans” or 2013’s “Teen Titans Go,” “Titans” handles mature subjects and is not kid-friendly. The shows mentioned above were animated unlike the live-action “Titans.” 

“Titans” is about the titular team of superheroes, including Robin, Raven, Beast Boy and Starfire. Season one mostly introduced each hero and how their personalities mesh with each other. 

Season two left off exactly where season one ended, with many of the main characters in danger and no clear way for the heroes to win. 

It was refreshing to dive straight into the action from the get-go. The show also fixed one of season one’s issues within the first episode. 

The characters referred to themselves as an actual team and called themselves “Titans” in the first episode. 

The group never called themselves this in season one, and instead focused on the individual characters instead of them as a team. It seemed that the creators wanted to fix this quickly in season two.

There were a few strengths and weaknesses in the season’s first episode. The show’s characters are starting to look more and more like the comic book’s counterparts which was a problem in season one. 

This episode did waste an opportunity with one of its villains, and they cut his storyline abruptly. 

The characters’ relationships also had a very satisfying payoff this episode. The best part of it was the inclusion and mentions of other heroes in the DC world.


Episode two shows the results of forming a new team and how each character reacts to this. The second episode is a great tone-setter for the rest of the season. 

This episode shows scenes from all the major characters and their teams, including Hawk and Dove, the Titans and Starfire and Wonder Girl. Switching back and forth is reminiscint of a show like “Game of Thrones.”

Episode two ran with episode one’s success and was more enjoyable. 

Even though episode one teased the next major villain, the show still introduced more and more threats to the heroes. 

The character interactions were enjoyable to see, and jumping between teams kept the audience guessing what will happen next. 

The only weakness that was apparent was that the episode was 10 minutes shorter than normal episodes. 

So far this season has improved from the first season and it will be exciting to see what happens next. This show alone is a good reason to at least try out this streaming service. The service does offer a seven day free trial for any readers who want to see the show for themselves.