100 word rants: the pros and cons of syllabus week


By Haley Galvin and Kurt Bitting


Haley Galvin | Opinion Editor

Syllabus week is one of the best weeks of the semester. Each class is simply going over the syllabus for the semester and it is a breeze. The endless lecturing hasn’t started yet, and it helps to ease the transition into classes. It is also very helpful to know the professors expectations and assignments for the year. The syllabi always have a tentative schedule and it helps to plan out assignments and mark them in a planner. The person who invented syllabus week should get an award for making everyone’s lives easier.


Kurt Bitting | Digital Manager

Syllabus week is the most annoying week of the semester. After a long summer break, students should come back to school eager to start learning. There are a finite amount of weeks before finals. It’s a shame one of those weeks is dedicated to reading syllabi, participating in icebreakers and completing busywork assignments when students could jump right into coursework to learn as much as they can. It’s great not having to do work right away, but that only feeds procrastination. Instructors should encourage students to hit the ground running instead of introducing assignments that don’t need to be done yet.