Day 14 and 15 – Back to classes: A first-hand account of studying abroad


A long horn cow grazes Saturday in the Christ Church Meadow.

By Catherine Carter

Day 14: Enjoying the scenery

Good morning NIU! Today we had absolutely gorgeous weather here in Oxford, so after class a group of us decided to relax and enjoy it! Our first stop after class was to get lunch at The Bear, Oxford’s oldest pub. After a pleasant lunch, we strolled around Christ Church Meadow. I was expecting lots of flowers, but it was really a large field with prairie grass and willow trees. It actually reminded me a lot of home, except for the fact that there were longhorn cattle! It was nice to unwind a bit with the wonderful weather and nature. I hear the weather in Illinois is getting pretty warm this week, so I’m glad to be away for a while! 

Day 15: A special thank you to the professors

Hello Huskies! I’m about halfway through my trip here and it’s about time I brag about my professors! As I mentioned before, I’m taking two English classes, one about Shakespeare and one about Jane Austen; my professors are Dr. Timothy Crowley and Dr. Lara Crowley, respectively. I am absolutely loving my time in their classes! Both are passionate about the subject matter and their love for it makes me love and enjoy class that much more. 


Outside of the classroom, I am spending a lot of time with them as well. For example, the Crowley family joined our group on a field trip to the Globe Theatre. Last night, we even had a “Sense and Sensibility” movie watch-party with Dr. Lara Crowley and her daughter. We also eat meals with the Crowley’s and the other professors on the trip, Dr. Artemus Ward and Dr. Laura Heideman. It’s an experience very different from the traditional, on-campus connection with my professors, but it’s been so much fun! I’ve really enjoyed learning from them and getting to know them on a more personal level. They’ve made this trip so exciting for us and I’m incredibly grateful for the relationships I’ve been able to create.