Day 2 -The adventure begins: A first-hand account of studying abroad

Atomic Burger in Oxford, UK is adorned with a comic book theme throughout the entire restaurant. 

By Catherine Carter

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Good morning everyone! As I’m writing today’s blog, I am just waking up like most of you probably are, the only difference being I’m waking up from a much needed nap! Jet lag is killing me! I’ve never had such a big time change before so my eyelids were dragging in class today. After a very long class, I decided to go to lunch at this wonderful burger joint across the street from my dorm to keep me away from my bed and sleep. I went to a half indoor, half outdoor restaurant called Atomic Burger. It was decorated with all kinds of comic book memorabilia, from the panelling on the counter to the action figures hanging from the ceiling! After fueling up, I was ready for my next adventure around town. I needed a full stomach to prepare for all the wandering I was going to do. With my directional challenges, I’m never sure where I’ll show up and when I’ll be able to get back for food! 


Luckily I had a partner for this, so I couldn’t get too lost. Another student and I wandered around about 15 minutes from the college to an English store called Boots. It’s a kind of hybrid store between CVS, Target and ULTA Beauty. Even though there was room on the pedestrian-only street for the store to spread out, it was stacked upwards, like it would be downtown Chicago. On our way out of the store, we spotted a traditional firetruck red London telephone booth. Like the good tourists we were, we stopped for photos! Because did you really visit England if you didn’t take a photo with a “telephone box”? I guess I can check that off my bucket list. 


After making back to my room with thankfully no directional conundrums, I decided to curl up for a nap. By the time I’ve written this, it’s just about time to leave for dinner, so I’m signing out. I hope you’ve enjoyed the last few blogs. Stay tuned tomorrow for more fun experiences, including (hopefully) my first Shakespearean play in England!


** EDITORS NOTE: This is Part 3 of a series. Keep checking the Northern Star Opinion Page for more updates and stories****