Day 16 – Time for a relaxing picnic: A first-hand account of studying abroad

By Catherine Carter

Good morning everyone! Today was a fairly relaxing day. I did some much needed laundry and enjoyed the nice weather by taking a stroll around town before dinner. For tonight’s meal, the staff did a cookout. We usually eat in a fancy dining hall that looks like it came straight out of Harry Potter. (Actually, one of the college’s dining halls was used for the Harry Potter movies, but we’re not allowed to eat there on a daily basis.) Tonight, rather than eat inside, we ate outside on the lawns. This is a very big deal because each of the colleges have extremely well-manicured lawns that absolutely cannot be stepped on. They’re almost as protective of their lawn as my dad is our front lawn! However, the staff decided to hold a BBQ for us outside today. With all the hype surrounding these famed lawns, I really enjoyed our picnic. It felt like the fourth of July we missed; we had burgers, corn, watermelon and ice cream. It was definitely the piece of home I needed today!