Tails of the Week: Sonya

By Courtesy Tails

I’m Sonya, and I’m here to ask for your help, not something I normally would do. But I seem to be having trouble finding a home. There is a Queen inside this gorgeous body of mine and thus far no one has agreed to be ruled by me. Surely there is someone out there who would be delighted to be my minion. I will occasionally allow them to scratch my chin and purrhaps give a pat or two. I’m happy to rule my queendom from a lovely cushion or perch, surveying all I command. I realize many people want one of those cuddly type cats, but that is not me! I’m looking for someone who will appreciate my regal status, understand and respect that I am a True Cat and allow me to be my independent self. A kind person has Donated my Adoption Fee! If you might be someone I’d consider living with, please stop by Tails and meet me!