Get to know: Remy Amarteifio

By Maddie Barrett

Hard work can pay off. With multiple seasons under her belt and a Mid-American Conference qualifying time during the first meet of the outdoor season, junior multi-event runner Remy Amarteifio is hungry for more.


Q: How do you feel coming off a successful indoor season?

A: I’m definitely very excited for the outdoor season. I didn’t get everything done I wanted to during indoor season, but that just gave me more motivation and drive. I know I have so much more in me, so it’s exciting to see where it leads me.


Q: What’s the support of coaches Connie Teaberry and Coach Meyers been like?

A: They’re awesome. I feel like anytime I’m down or struggling with something I can always go to them. Coach Teaberry is my direct coach with hurdles, she’s so supportive. If I ever don’t get enough sleep, she’s okay with me coming to practice a little later, or if I need to take an exam, I can do that and then go back to practice. She always puts academics before track, which is really cool for a coach to do.


Q: What’s your favorite events for indoor and outdoor season?

A: For indoor, I love 60 meter hurdles. For outdoor, 100 meter hurdles by far. Those are my favorites.


Q: Is there a place you’ve competed in that you loved?

A: Drake Relays in Iowa. It’s held every year, and the energy of the crowd is amazing. I didn’t do so well last year but I’m excited to go back and do better this year.


Q: How do you feel you’ve grown the past few years?

A: I’ve definitely learned how to manage my school work with track. I think I’ve become more mature as an individual and to be able to lead the team.


Q: What are some of your personal goals for outdoor season?

A: I definitely want to get past NCAA regionals, and make the first round of the championship finals.


Q: What are some goals that you’ve already accomplished?

A: I wanted to break the school record outdoor in the 100 meter hurdles, which I did last year. I’m counting on breaking it again, and seeing where that takes me.


Q: What’s something that you want to improve on?

A: I want to drop my outdoor 100 meter time, because I know if I drop that my 100 meter hurdles will drop too.


Q: Do you prefer a certain weather to compete in when in outdoor season?

A: It’s nice when it’s on the warmer side, but I take whatever comes my way. Coach Teaberry has always said that we should prepare like the championships are going to be rainy, cold and snowing. I like enjoying the warm weather, but I also know that the weather could be anything once the championships come. I also embrace the cold weather when it comes.


Q: Is there any event you wish you could do?

A: I wish I could pole vault, that’d be really cool.


Q: What kind of activities do you like to do outside of track?

A: I like to watch grey’s anatomy and blind spot. I also like mini golfing and bowling a lot.


Q: What kind of team bonding activities do you and your team do together?

A: In the beginning of the year we had some time, so we got together and we did some fun games and team building activities. We did a relay race with an egg on a spoon, and one time a couple of us got together and played some card games.


Q: Already having a MAC qualifying time this season, do you feel like there’s more pressure?

A: No, I just see it as checking one thing off of where I want to be. I’m not satisfied with my time at all, I want more. What I ran last weekend is further than where I want to get to. I saw that as a small accomplishment on the way up, I just want to keep moving forward.