Women’s tennis shutout by DePaul as losing streak hits four


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Women’s tennis shutout by DePaul as losing streak hits four

By Marcel Carrasco

For the third time this season the women’s tennis team was shutout as they failed to snap their losing streak Friday against DePaul University.

In their four-match losing streak, the Huskies have dropped all three home matches, but only failed to put up points in one.

DePaul was first on the scoreboard with a couples victory point. The Blue Demons showed their dominance over the Huskies with two 6-2 victories and a 4-2 unfinished match victory.

First year Christy Robinson and junior Brodie Walker teamed up for the fifth time this season. The Huskie pair are 1-4 together including Friday’s 2-6 loss to senior Keisha Clousing and sophomore Lenka Antonijevic.

Sophomore Maria Potsi and Fernanda Naves paired up for the first time this season, but fell 2-6 against junior Aspasia Avergi and first-year Maddie Yergler.

First-year Paula Veyhle and sophomore Lara Slisko are now 2-2 together in couples matches this season. The Huskie couple faced sophomore Marija Jovicic and senior Milica Tesic in a 3-4 unfinished match.

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NIU’s struggles continued into singles play as the Huskies were swept for the third time this season. Potsi and Walker lost 1-6 and 2-6 against Clousing and Avegeri.

Robinson faced Jovicic in their singles matchup as the Huskie dropped the first set 5-7 before losing the second in a disappointing 0-6 match.

Veyhle competed hard in her matchup but her efforts came up short. The Huskie fell 5-7 and 3-6 to Antonijevic.

Two more Huskie defeats came before the day ended. NIU was unable to spark any sort of fight as DePaul kept their foot on the pedal.

Slisko and Dmitrieva both fell to close out the bout against the Blue Demons. Slisko fell to Tesic 6-7 and 0-6 while Dmitrieva lost to Yergler 2-6 and 4-6.

NIU will now travel to Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville in a search to snap its four-match losing streak. The Huskies have taken the win in the previous two matchups, and are in position to compete for the victory as the Cougars sit at 3-5. First serve is set for 11 a.m. Sunday in Edwardsville.