3 Steps to Become a Blogger


Image Courtesy Pexels

By Sarah Lalond

As the snow starts to fall, curl up with your favorite blanket and warm mug, and start blogging.

A crossover between journaling and social media, blogging is a legitimate, recognized form of media. Bloggers had the power to transform Wall Street, according to a Business Insider article.

“Blogging and social media is how financial professionals now express their opinions, display their expertise and provide constant client and non-client facing communication,” according to the article.

While blogging is a space to work through your thoughts and express your opinions, it’s also an opportunity to build your portfolio. Future employers can have a chance to not only see your interest in a career, but can also hear your voice and get to know you.

Sounds great, right? Follow these steps to create your own blog.

Pick a topic



As a college student, you are constantly learning new information from experts in your field of interest. Obviously, blogging lends itself easily to English or journalism majors, but don’t be stopped by your non-liberal arts major.

Write about challenges, tips or things you wish you would have known as a nursing student, future teacher, fashion merchandising major, business major, etc.

Maybe you want an escape from school, so make your blog about a hobby you enjoy. Blog about DIY crafts, entertainment reviews or hot takes on new video games or sports teams.

The list is endless; just pick a topic you enjoy. It helps to already have some previous knowledge about the subject too.

Pick a platform


There’s a host of websites you can use to set up your blog. After you create an account, it’s an easy step-by-step process to set up. Beware, some sites want you to upgrade to a paid version. Your blog can still function without paying, but some add-on features are unavailable.

Here are some sites to get you started:

As for the layout, don’t worry about an overly complicated design, often less is more.

Interject some of your own photos or grab some gifs from giphy to spice up your posts.

Pick a schedule



If you don’t commit to a biweekly or weekly posting schedule, blogging will fall by the wayside under the demands of school.

It’s up to you how intensive you want to make your schedule. You can make your blog stand out by promoting it on social media. Focus on a topic you enjoy, and type away!