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Social media has become a defining feature of our culture and developed beyond simply sharing photos and memories.

Poll: How large of a role does social media play in your life?

By Yusra Jaleel, Opinion Columnist | September 20, 2022

In consideration of National Suicide Prevention Week ending Sept. 10, it is important to examine the effects that our routine and daily habits have on our mental well-being. Impulsive social media usage is a large part of many people’s routines, but...

It is important to realize that users can be banned on many social media platforms, but their ideas might not go away.

Opinion: We shouldn’t celebrate Andrew Tate’s banning

By Philip Arduini, Opinion Columnist | September 13, 2022

Forcing Andrew Tate's audience into an echo chamber means they no longer see the critique or rebuttal to these ideas. This can reinforce potentially harmful concepts into young impressionable minds. Andrew Tate is a controversial figure that many are...

An NIU student takes a break from homework to watch some TikTok videos.

OPINION: TikTok is overrated

By Parker Otto | February 4, 2022
Tiktok is a new sensational app, but it is bound to go out of style.
It’s important to set boundaries with social media to protect mental health.

Responsible social media use can benefit mental health

By Zulfiqar Ahmed, Media Editor | January 28, 2022
We need to regulate our use of social media to protect our mental health.
Movie cases line up on a dusty shelf in a college apartment. Physical copies have gone ancient due to streaming services taking off.

Modernity has erased the physical concept of art

By Parker Otto | January 24, 2022
Generation Z, in spite of all of their technological toys, has no things.
The Fujifilm Quicksnap is a very popular disposable camera among college students. They come with 27 exposures and a built-in flash.

Disposable cameras make the perfect comeback

By Summer Fitzgerald | January 20, 2022
Disposable cameras are helping to truly capture memories without the stress of social media.
SHEIN, an online store, has recently become a main source of fast fashion as it is heavily promoted across social media platforms through SHEIN Hauls.

Fast fashion is harmful to both environment and mental health

By Summer Fitzgerald | December 27, 2021
Fast fashion is an irresponsible industry that exploits consumers, workers and the environment. Even though it may all look glamorous on social media, it is not worth your money or mental health. 

2nd person in days killed by Mardi Gras float in New Orleans

February 23, 2020

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — A man was struck and killed by a Mardi Gras float during a raucous weekend street parade in New Orleans, becoming the second person in days killed along a parade route during this year's Carnival season, authorities said.The man was...

Israel strikes Gaza, Syria after Palestinian rockets attacks

By JOSEF FEDERMAN | February 23, 2020

JERUSALEM (AP) — The Israel military said early Monday that it struck Palestinian militants targets in Gaza and Syria in response to rockets fired toward southern Israel on Sunday evening, hours after Israel said it killed a Palestinian militant who...

TSA halts employees from using TikTok for social media posts

By MICHAEL BALSAMO | February 23, 2020

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Transportation Security Administration said Sunday it has stopped allowing employees to use the China-owned video app TikTok to create social media posts for the agency after the Senate’s top Democrat raised concerns about potential...

2016 again? Russia back to stirring chaos in U.S. election


WASHINGTON (AP) — Just weeks into this year's election cycle, Russia already is actively interfering in the U.S. presidential campaign in hopes of reelecting President Donald Trump, and is also trying to help the candidacy of Sen. Bernie Sanders on...

Wisconsin prison warden who posted anti-Muslim memes fired

By SCOTT BAUER | February 21, 2020

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A Wisconsin deputy prison warden has been fired after posting Facebook memes comparing Muslim children to garbage and equating flying a gay pride rainbow flag with raising the Confederate flag.Richard “Sam” Schneiter, a 42-year...