Tim Burton’s anticipated ‘Dumbo’ teaser trailer releases

By Maddie Barrett

In a heartwarming new trailer, “Dumbo” gets a fresh new look. The story follows the same format as the cartoon version that was created 77 years ago.

The teaser for the feature film includes a snippet of Michael Keaton as an evil businessman, Danny DeVito as a ringleader, Colin Farrell as a protagonist and the adorable CGI elephant that we’ve all come to love.

In Tim Burton’s teaser trailer, viewers get a look into the mental abuse Dumbo suffers, while he’s criticized for his massive ears.

The oppression doesn’t seem to stop there as the poor elephant is tousled around and his mother is seized from him.

In the last few seconds of the full-length trailer, viewers see a touching image as Dumbo reunites with his mother through the metal bars of a trailer. The preview is something sure to make anyone tear up at least a little bit.

“Dumbo” will be released in March 2019. Keep the tissues close, because we’re in for a heart-wrenching recreation.