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Tim Burton remakes timeless classic ‘Dumbo’

'Dumbo' tells the story of a baby elephant who is given the ability to fly by his incredibly large ears.

Amy Geldean

April 5, 2019

Tim Burton brings his own dark aesthetic to the 1941 animated Disney classic “Dumbo” as he tugs on the heart strings of viewers with the depressing but ultimately inspiring tale of an unusual pachyderm.“Dumbo” captures the heartbreaking story of a young circus elephant and the overwhelming chara...

Tim Burton’s anticipated ‘Dumbo’ teaser trailer releases

Maddie Barrett

November 20, 2018

In a heartwarming new trailer, “Dumbo” gets a fresh new look. The story follows the same format as the cartoon version that was created 77 years ago.The teaser for the feature film includes a snippet of Michael Keaton as an evil businessman, Danny DeVito as a ringleader, Colin Farrell as a protago...