Migrant caravan stirs politics

By Chris Grask

A migrant caravan from central America is on a collision course with the U.S. military as they head toward the U.S-Mexico border. A massive influx of civilians coming in is a fake-hysteria story and should not be worried about. This caravan is a media ploy to drive up interest in the midterm elections and perpetuates the fear-mongering of the Trump administration.

The migrant caravan has gotten a lot of media coverage, and the Trump administration has everything to gain from this event. The idea that an increase of immigrants is going to march into the U.S. strikes unfathomable amounts of fear to the hearts of conservatives, and that is laughable. The trek from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala is a long distance these immigrants have braced. While each immigrant has a different personal reason for making the journey, the majority of them are seeking refuge from dangerous situations and are looking for a better life for their children, according to an Oct. 18 New York Times article.

“The caravan has traveled about 20-30 miles a day, largely on foot, and also hitching rides on passing vehicles when possible,” according to an Oct. 27 CNN article. Their closest border to reach is 1,000 miles away, but the route there is considered dangerous.

If the group averages 25 miles a day, then it will take them 40 days to reach the border. The deployment of troops, massive media hysteria and Republican fear is simply nonsense since the caravan is not a threat. The military plan to send troops down to the border if the caravan won’t arrive for a month or maybe longer is an odd decision. Sending troops is a well-timed strategic ploy by the president to sway undecided voters in the Republican favor.

“Voters don’t need to be distracted,” junior political science major Ian Pearson, who is also president of the College Democrats, said. “Don’t let this distraction reconsider your vote.”

The Trump administration is puppeteering the media to its advantage, and the recent deployment of troops to the border is for political purposes only. Citizens are worried about a clash between U.S. troops and the caravan; however, the idea that troops would deny them complete entry or fire upon them is highly unlikely.

It is unlawful to kill or wound an enemy who has no weapons or defense, according to International Humanitarian Law rule 47.

Thus, the idea that U.S. troops are going to fire upon civilians is not probable and would be considered a war crime. Currently the troops stationed on the border have the same power as the local Molly’s, 1000 W. Lincoln Highway, DeKalb, IL 60115, bouncers.

“I don’t think it is right to send [U.S. troops] there,” senior computer science major, Aaron Jones, who is also the president of Young Americans for Liberty, said. “It is going to only escalate things if the troops are there.”

Bringing troops to secure the border against the inbound caravan is like bringing a rocket launcher to a pillow fight; it’s overkill. The U.S. is a nation built on immigrants, and to deny entry to those who want to immigrate here is a disservice to our forefathers. This group left their friends and family behind for a better life, and to curtail their dreams is not right. President Trump is scared this group will bring crime to our republic; however, the real crime would be the murdering of our values for the sake of isolationism.