Netflix Original ‘Haunted’ brings ghost stories to life

By Maddie Barrett

“Haunted,” Netflix’s new reality show, focuses on six narrators that experience being haunted, by either an extraterrestrial or a supernatural presence.

During the show, the narrators tell their story to a room full of their friends and family while a dramatization plays. The performance isn’t your basic low-budget horror movie either; the acting is extremely terrifying and detailed. The idea of real people telling their own experiences adds an edge to the show.  This is unexpected but welcomed since it adds the real aspect to an otherwise scary subject.

The entire series holds remnants from different horror stories. For example, the first episode had strong elements from the “Haunting of Hill House.” The narrator, Jason, focuses on his experience with the “woman in white” and the way she visited him at night.

Among the six stories within the first season, plausibility varies. When watching, viewers tend to believe the ghost story based on the way the narrator tells it. It’s up to the viewer whether they want to believe these stories or not, but they are supposed to be true stories as stated before every episode.

An aspect that can help the credibility of the narrators is the emotion in their voice, and even their friends and family. These people have also experienced this pain with them, in some cases, and sometimes add in their own accounts.

Many will ask if “Haunted” is worth the watch; however, if you’re into horror and mystery, it’s definitely right up your alley.

This show is filled with some creepy imagery, and truly horrifying content all packed into 30-minute episodes. It’s like the snack-size version of horror movies.

“Haunted” season 1 is available on Netflix.