LANY’s ‘Malibu Nights’ showcases breakup feelings

Image Courtesy Amazon

Image Courtesy Amazon

By Maddie Barrett

LANY’s album, “Malibu Nights,” released on Oct. 5 is a look into the mind of lead singer, Paul Klein.

The album consists of nine songs, four released before the full album. “Thick And Thin,” “I Don’t Wanna Love You Anymore” and “Thru These Tears” confirm Klein’s deep feelings about his own breakup with pop singer Dua Lipa.

The album brings with their third-released single, “Thick And Thin,” which expresses the feeling of confusion after a breakup. Klein belts out his personal thoughts through the song’s lyrics.

“Out the door, just one mistake/You say you’re not in love no more/But was it really love if you can leave me for/Something so innocent?” Klein expresses in “Thick And Thin.”

Another song with a powerful message is the sixth song of the album, “Run.” Klein sings about his ex-girlfriend who promised she wouldn’t go back to her ex. She eventually does, and Klein isn’t happy about it.

Just make sure you/Don’t run back to me when you’re done” Klein sings.

LANY has been known to produce compelling lyrics throughout their songs, but this album sticks out as the most powerful with captivating lyrics and instrumentals.

This is LANY’s second studio album, and they gained much more popularity after it was released. Written in just 45 days, the album arrived a year and a half after their first album in 2017.

This artistic masterpiece is emotionally deeper than LANY’s 2017 album, “LANY,” which was their first studio album. The album reflected them as a band, while this album focuses more on Klein’s personal experiences with relationships.

You can stream “Malibu Nights” on Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon Music. The group is currently on tour and performs in Chicago Nov. 1 at the Riviera Theater.