Fill in the Blank: Send Silence Packing was…

By Northern Star Staff

Fill in the Blank…”Send Silence Packing was”

Haley Galvin | Perspective Editor


“Important and emotional”


This movement is a very important message that really affected me. It was an abrupt wake up call for me about how many students have been affected by suicide.

Each backpack could have been a person I knew, or a friend knew. Send Silence Packing made me feel very emotional. I was looking at all the backpacks thinking about all the student who possibly need help but don’t want to ask.

I struggled with depression for a while, but had a support system to help me through it. This made me realize a lot of people who do not make it through their depression. This exhibition was a real wake up call for me and makes the reality of suicide so real. It was an emotional exhibition that deeply affected and I hope it resonated with other students as well.

Josie Janicki | Perspective Contributor


“Deeply moving”


Send Silence Packing was an impactful exhibit and resonated with deeply. As a friend and family member of those affected by suicide, it is comforting to know there are efforts to increase suicide prevention. Reading the different messages on each backpack really proved how big of an issue suicide is and how it affects college students.

There is a stigma around mental illness, and it needs to be discussed more with young adults. Dealing with depression and anxiety is not easy, and the exhibit displays how there are options for people who suffer to feel supported and get help.

There were also trained professionals at the event to visit with anybody who realized they may need to reach out to somebody. This is such a smart idea from Active Minds, the company that provided this exhibit. The fact that NIU does this gives anybody seeking help advice that might be better than if they were trying to deal with depression in private.

Lisa Lillianstrom | Perspective Contributor


“Very much needed”


Send Silence Packing was a very powerful exhibit, especially for those who have been affected by depression and anxiety as myself. There have been many times I have felt depressed before and I have seen photographs of this exhibit online from when it debuted in Washington D.C. and was very moved by it.

I think this display was much needed and many students stopped to look at the backpacks representing students who have committed suicide. A lot of people were moved to tears by the exhibition.

I also loved that there were many different resources available for anyone who may be having suicidal thoughts. I hope exhibits like this continue to come to NIU to remind students they are not alone and have people out there that love them and want them to stay.