Educators Club serves community

Parker Otto

Of the many clubs on campus, the NIU Educators Club is one that provides members with valuable skills and connections that will aid them through their lives. When members graduate from NIU, they will be in one of the most noble professions which is constantly changing. Teaching needs committed and passionate people and the NIU Educators fit the mold perfectly.

Currently with 20 members, the club meets weekly 7 p.m. Mondays in Gable Hall. The members engage in different teaching techniques and the club serves as “a platform where future teachers can connect,” according to club president Ashley Grazutis.

At their Sept. 17 meeting, members participated in team-building exercises and icebreakers to use in classrooms for both older and younger students. Grazutis said future meetings will discuss topics such as resume building and communication skills.

While the field of education offers diversity, the make-up of the club suggests an increase in future teachers taking interest in primary-aged and special needs students.

“Many of our members are going into elementary and special education,” student officer Jen Lucchesi said.

The Educators Club contributes to the community by volunteering at the Huskie Food Pantry, the YMCA and Stemfest. Members will also help at NIU’s upcoming Oct. 13 homecoming game as ushers. These acts of kindness to the city of Dekalb not only legitimize the group, but express how much others mean to these students. Empathy is one of the pillars of being an educator.

“[I joined the club] to meet people in my profession and to exchange different teaching strategies,” sophomore Kyle McDonald, who plans to enter the field of special education, said.

By having many kinds of future educators in the same room, members can share their ideas about the future of education. From the value of hands-on activities to the importance of getting students excited about the material being taught, the Educators Club will create methods that may revolutionize teaching.

As new strategies and philosophies toward education become prominent in the teaching field, the Educators Club allows students to try methods best suited for their field and personal educating styles. What works for elementary students may not work on high school or college students and vice versa. By sharing all of these different ideas, each member can form their own unique way of teaching.

The club also helps students who are passionate about education to meet other like-minded individuals. Though their concentrations may differ, the club brings together students who share a common goal of improving the world through education.

“I really liked learning about different activities and icebreakers,” senior Jan Salano said. “It’s also good to meet people with different ideas.

The Future Educators Club is a dynamic organization that, according to their constitution, encourages “service, learning and diversity.” By having fun meetings, opportunities for community service and providing future teachers with great skills that will aid them in their future, the field of education is in safe hands.