Letter from the editor: student voices are heard at the Northern Star

By Haley Galvin

Beginning this fall, I will be taking over as perspective editor and plan to improve the quality of the section with fresh ideas and style.

I want to provide head-turning content to peek the interests of each reader as well as evoking thoughts and debate among them. By definition, a perspective is “a mental view of prospect,” according to Merriam-Webster, and my goal is to provide a variety of viewpoints on relevant topics to spark conversation.

One of my goals is to release a regularly scheduled column called “Taboo Topics” The goal of the column is to bring light to issues many students find difficult to discuss, such as student misconduct or violence. Each column will try to get to the bottom of why the topic is taboo and if it should be. The piece will also present viewpoints from the student body and their thoughts as to why the topic is looked down on. As the perspective editor, I hope the column will open up discussion and put down urban myths about many topics.

The perspective section is based on opinions, the most important of which comes from our readers: the student body. I want to talk about and address topics on students’ minds and represent how they feel. One way to do that is through you, the reader. We encourage readers to submit a “letter to the editor”, which are letters written and sent in by our readers providing their take on stories we tackled in the newsroom. To submit a letter to the editor, see the steps below.

Another key topic that will be covered in depth is the Greek community. I want to shed light on Greek experiences as well as some of the troubles within the community. My goal is to find out what happens within chapter house walls, whether that be negative or positive.

This is more than just a job for me, it is my passion. Since I was in fourth grade, my dream has been to be part of a newspaper, and this job allows me to fufill that dream. With that said, I give this paper my all, and it will show in the issue I create.

Following our publication’s recommitment to excellence, I vow to highlight student opinions on impactful topics and create content that will get readers talking and more involved.