A new year calls for new resolutions


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A journal with notes on resolutions and pencil on a table at a cafe with a cup of coffee on a saucer.

By Sarah Rose, Senior Lifestyle Writer

Over the past few weeks, most of us have probably been asked what our new year’s resolutions are. With the right mindset and attitude, new year’s goals can be achieved. All they take is deliberation, commitment and interest. Here are a few steps that can be taken to make those resolutions achievable. 


For some, the past is something that’s meant to be forgotten and moved on from. Even though that is true, the past also offers insight into ourselves, and above everything, it is meant to be reflected on. This is the first step in choosing a new year’s resolution.

Instead of ignoring the past, reflect on what made you grow as an individual and what will keep you from growing. Acknowledge what your strengths and weaknesses are. Ask yourself, “what do I need to work on this year?” and jot down ideas in a notebook or journal. Writing it down lets you visually see which goals will be attainable and which ones are too broad. 


Narrowing down what you want to achieve and what you can get better at is a strong start on choosing a resolution. This goes back to the previous point. Narrow down on the “why” aspect and think about what holds value in your life. Identify the goals you have control over, such as exercising 30 minutes a day, and stick with those. 

One to two goals is a great way to start planning a simple but strong vision for 2023. Big goals can be overwhelming and may pressure you to the point where you feel like you can’t accomplish them in a year. 


Get as specific as possible with each goal. For example, instead of only saying, “I will ride my bike for two hours each week,” narrow down on that goal. In addition, say, “how will I find the time?” or “can I do an exercise in place of biking in case the weather gets bad?” Writing out a plan is one of many ways to ensure accountability. Use a phone, journal or notebook to measure progress. 

It’s important to remember that the only person who can achieve your resolutions is you. Sharing your set goals with family or friends offer support and an extra boost of accountability, but the only way those goals can be achieved is if you put in the work. 

These steps similarly follow the criteria for setting SMART goals; Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound. SMART goals are goals that offer preparation and the motivation to achieve new year’s resolutions effectively.