Things we can all learn from “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe”

By Maddie Barrett

He-Man, the most powerful man in the universe, knows a lot more than how to protect the secrets of “Castle Grayskull”. Throughout the series, he teaches viewers a lesson each episode.

“Drugs Don’t Make Your Problems Go Away, They Just Create More”

This might be helpful in college if you’re trying to stay away from drugs and peer pressure.


“Remember never taste or eat anything if you’re not sure what it is”

In the dining hall, you might see some weird foods. Make sure you know what you’re eating…


“The most wonderful magic of all is just being alive”

Remember how amazing life is when you’re having a mid-semester breakdown. Trust me, it will happen.


“If someone calls you a ‘coward’ or a ‘chicken,’ don’t let it worry you.”

If someone wants to pick on you for anything, don’t let it get to you. We are all just trying to make it in this world.  


Hopefully, these lessons can prove helpful as you embark on your next journey, better known as Fall semester.