‘Inside the Huskies’ podcast to debut

By Northern Star Staff

The Northern Star is revitalizing its digital content, including the new podcast, “Inside the Huskies,” which will delve into the lives of athletes and coaches outside their sports.

“Inside the Huskies” will be replaced the “Press Box” podcast, which ran from March 2017 to April 2018.

Students are encouraged to gather questions for guests on social media a few days prior to each show on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Fans can also keep up with podcasts on our website, northernstar.info, Soundcloud and iTunes.

The ultimate goal is to provide a fan-friendly listening experience while getting to know Huskie athletes and coaches on a personal level. Co-hosts Eddie Garcia and Tom Burton will also incorporate a variety of segments for athlete interaction. Both Garcia and Burton are sports reporters and columnists for the Northern Star. Burton served as the 2017-2018 sports editor and Garcia served under him as the assistant sports editor.

The first podcast will be released Sept. 7 and will come out at noon Friday of each week. Fans can catch a live preview of each show on Northern Star Facebook and Twitter streams.

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