#AerieReal advocates for unaltered women representation in media


Image Courtesy Pexels

By Maddie Barrett

American Eagle created a brand called Aerie, which is primarily underwear and yoga clothing. In 2014, they launched a campaign based on real women, untouched and unedited called “Aerie Real”. Recently, they have been expanding the campaign and more people are appreciating what it’s been doing for women representation in the media.

For decades, women have been targeted in advertising. Seeing other women digitally edited and made up to society’s standards is something that has impacted women everywhere.

In an article by the New York Times, writer Pamela Paul talks about advertising’s affect on women. She writes, “[products] are likely to remind consumers of their own shortcomings, which makes [consumers] think of themselves more negatively”.

With the “Aerie Real” campaign almost five years underway, consumers are still appreciating the brand’s intent to help women feel represented in the fashion industry.


Thank you to American Eagle and Aerie for launching this amazing campaign that includes women of all shapes and sizes. It’s so important for everyone to feel represented and recognized.