Fill in the blank: My year at NIU will be…..

By Northern Star Staff

Tatianna Salisbury | Editor-in-Chief


When you work for the Northern Star, your life becomes the Northern Star, and that’s just the way I like it. I love being glued to my desk, working on multiple stories at a time and constantly searching for content inspiration. This year, I find myself in the new role of editor in chief, and with the new position comes the opportunity to redefine the paper’s identity. Rather than barricading myself in the corner with newspapers and black coffee, I intend on being a prominent figure both on NIU’s campus and in the DeKalb community. Under my leadership, the Star will reaffirm our commitment to excellence and serve our readership with the utmost integrity.

Sam Malone | Managing Editor


I decided I wanted to attend NIU during my freshman year of high school when our marching band competed on campus, and I can’t believe I’m already three years in. My first year was full of excitement and learning, but last year I hit the sophomore slump.

Going into my junior year, I’m looking forward to all of the amazing opportunities that lie ahead. From study abroad to internships and clubs, there are so many different paths available.

Through the challenges I faced last year, I learned the value of seeking opportunities out rather than waiting for them to knock, and I am in high gear. This year, I will chase my opportunities down and build myself up.

I am eager to pursue new experiences as well as to seek opportunity in the things I am already passionate about, such as my work at the Star and my music.

Cris Rojo | Photo Editor


As a sophomore, I have some knowledge on how to be a successful student. However, this year I am starting to immerse myself within my major. Being someone who was rejected by many art and fashion schools, it amazes me that I got accepted into the School of Visual Arts and will be beginning my major in Visual Communications. 

Next to adapting to my major, I am honored to be taking over as the Northern Star’s Photo Editor. I am excited to be leading such a diverse staff of photojournalists and to bring visually appealing experiences to our readers’ eyes.

I am humbled to be able to be in the position I am in today, and I would like our readers to know that with genuine ambition and a fashionable outfit, anything can be accomplished.

Katherine Hahn-Boisvert | Assistant News Editor


As a freshman, my first semester will be full of new and unfamiliar experiences. However, learning to be comfortable with being uncomfortable is the whole point of college. There’s a variety of clubs and organizations I will be unaccustomed to. Yet, I am more than receptive to the opportunities available to me. On the Honors retreat, I met many wonderful people who possess different skills and talents. No matter what this year brings, I hope to get as involved as possible and make the most of my first year at NIU.