Journey with Me: My Weight Loss Trip Week 5


Image Courtesy Pixabay

By Abby Wisecarver

Week Five

Life is back to normal and I am working every day. This week is much better than the last and my routine is (thankfully) normalized again. The gym is my best friend and I am eating my normal food and feeling my happier self again.  

The Plan

I’ve lost two pounds this week and I am so happy. Going for an entire week without losing weight was really hard on my confidence, but I am back to shedding the pounds and feeling emotionally gratified.


I am still occasionally eating hamburger meat because I love it too much; however, water and milk are the only beverages I consume every day. I am a calorie counting queen and continue to incorporate healthier options into my diet by snacking on fruits and veggies versus chips and chocolate.


I really boosted the productivity of my exercise routine, by working out for about 45 minutes to an hour every time I go. I do half my workout on the treadmill, then switch over to the elliptical. I get through the longer workouts by watching a movie on Netflix which helps to keep me distracted and makes the time fly by faster.


I am not visually seeing any more progress and my clothes are fitting me the same as the last few weeks, but I know that I will eventually see more changes in my body.  By keeping a positive mindset I know I will get through this weight loss journey with a banging body and a better outlook on life.

Getting back into the swing of things has been hard this week, but I am feeling better and ready to see where the future weeks will take me.