Batter Breakdown: Dominique Greeno

By Rick Green

Name: Dominique Greeno

Position: Infielder

Hometown: Lacey, Washington

Favorite sports team: Seattle Seahawks

“I’m from the Seattle area,” Greeno said. “I love Russell Wilson, the Legion of Boom, and we have the best fans.”

Favorite athlete/role model: Los Angeles Sparks forward Candace Parker

“She just plays really hard, and she is just one of my favorite athletes,” Greeno said.

Interesting fact: Can solve a Rubik’s Cube quickly

“I can solve a Rubik’s Cube really quickly,” Greeno said. “I would say about a minute and a half to complete it.”

Game strengths: Intensity and passion

“I care a lot about the game,” Greeno said. “When something good happens, I get pumped. When something bad happens, it hurts a lot.”

Game weaknesses: Intensity

“It’s a double-edged sword,” Greeno said. “Sometimes I get down or hard on myself and get my head taken out of the game.”

Favorite teammate: Katie Lamich

“She’s just a little bundle of joy, and she’s always cracking a smile and dancing,” Greeno said.

Pre-game rituals: Sleeps with bat before road games

“I usually sleep with my bat on away trips,” Greeno said. “It’s something I did in high school and travel ball. It’s kind of a weird comfort thing.”

Favorite softball/baseball memory: Travel Ball

“Travel ball when we played and traveled,” Greeno said. “We traveled to New Zealand and saw the fireworks at night.”

Why you enjoy playing for NIU: My teammates

“I love my team with all my heart,” Greeno said. “We are a family. People think we spend a lot of time together because we practice all the time, but we leave practice and go to each other’s homes.”

Greeno is batting .267 and has 28 hits this season. In her freshman and sophomore season, she earned the third-highest on-base percentage with .474 her freshman season and .362 her sophomore season.

“Dom has done a great job stepping up into a leadership role this year,” said Head Coach Christina Sutcliffe. “She is usually a high energy worker; having her out there is a great benefit.”

The Huskies will return to the diamond 6 p.m. Friday to face Mid-American Conference foe Central Michigan University at Mary M. Bell Field in DeKalb.