Batter Breakdown: Katie Lamich

By Rick Green

Name: Katie Lamich

Position: Outfielder

Hometown: Naperville

Interesting fact: Can move ears

Favorite sports team: Chicago Cubs

“I love the way they carry themselves,” Lamich said.

Favorite athlete/role model: Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo

“They have a big target on their back, and they receive a lot of attention,” Lamich said. “They stay humble throughout.”

Game strengths: Leadership

“You’ll always hear me in the dugout and my voice on the field,” Lamich said. “I bring a smile to everyone’s face and keep everyone pumped up.”

Game weaknesses: Mentality

“Sometimes everybody has a problem with confidence,” Lamich said. “I’ve learned throughout my years how to deal with it.”

Favorite teammate: Jenny Van Geertry

“Me and Jenny are best friends,” Lamich said. “We live together and we are both outfielders. Everyone is my favorite, but Jenny is the closest.”

Pre-game rituals: Chill music and tuck in shoelaces

“A lot of people listen to pump up music,” Lamich said. “I like more of the soothing and chill music. I always have to tuck in my shoelaces, and throughout the game you’ll see me making sure they’re tucked in.”

Post-game meal: Junk food

“I love eating junk food after games, whether that’s Fatty’s or anything with french fries,” Lamich said.

Favorite softball/baseball memory: Pre-game time with teammates

“Before games, we always play this dancing game, and I love when we do it,” Lamich said.

Why you enjoy playing for NIU: My teammates

“This team is very special; we have a very family oriented team,” Lamich said. “The way we play for each other makes a big difference on the field.”

Lamich has been a solid player for the Huskies during her tenure. In her freshman season, she started 44 of 49 games as an outfielder. In her sophomore season, she tallied three multi-hit games. This season Lamich is batting .241 and has three multi-hit games.

“Lamich has been doing a nice job for us,” said Head Coach Christina Sutcliffe. “She came in as a role player and has advanced now to someone we can rely on. She is a very fun kid to be around, and she always cheers up my day.”

The Huskies will be back in action 3 p.m. Friday, hosting the University of Ohio Bobcats at the Mary M. Bell Field in DeKalb.