Wireless retail to open in DeKalb later this month


Wireless Zone, the wireless retail company, is expected to open Feb. 28 at its new DeKalb location, 1015 W. Lincoln Highway.

By Batul Cutlerywala

The Wireless Zone, a store that specializes in wireless accessories, will be opening in DeKalb Feb. 28 at 1015 W. Lincoln Highway.

A new store location is expected to provide a more convenient location for customers’ wireless needs and bring employment opportunities to the area.

“We are hiring now, not only for the DeKalb store but all over,” said Rebecca Struwin, Wireless Zone regional sales manager. “We are growing rapidly, and there is lots of room for advancements as well.”

Struwin, who is in charge of all store locations in Illinois and Wisconsin, said the store closing in Sycamore left space for a new location in the DeKalb County area.

Keith Dziki, Wireless Zone executive director of development, said the success of a store location depends on if the area has consistent growing occupancy and constant progress.

“Our location is right next to Starbucks and Chipotle,” Struwin said. “It’s a big college area right there just packed with students, where Sycamore was rather residential areas and a little harder for students to get to.”

Joe Tomaszewski, Wireless Zone district sales manager for Wisconsin and Illinois, said the DeKalb area was picked because it’s perceived as a lively student-based community.

“We want to have a family environment experience as opposed to major big box retailers but still having that power of a Verizon brand behind you,” Tomaszewski said. “We want to kind of marry those things together, and we think that trinities like DeKalb, and again going for Madison as well, big college communities fits our niche a little bit there.”

Tomaszewski said there is a lot that goes into making sure a store location will assure long-term success other than just considering the revenue aspect. He said he is aware that the wireless industry is here to stay, so it is important the company evolves with the business and not get omitted from the competition.

“We have to get our foot in the door but making sure that we are making money, [and] we are having a good impact on the community and also that we continue to grow industry,” Tomaszewski said.

Dziki said what sets Wireless Zone apart from its competitors is it’s a franchise system for a well-known trademark that allows it to be flexibile within its operations and procedures.

“Being an authorized dealer, we can make deals the corporate store cannot,” Struwin said. “We are in charge of our own gross profit. We would be able to [take away] the activation fee for a new customer.”