‘Brandless’ Review: A (Not So) Taste Test

Courtesy Brandless 

By Lindsey Krysinski

Brandless is an online grocery store boasting an impressive promise – any item on their website is $3. How can they get away with such an outrageous claim? Well, all of the items they sell are free of branding and flashy packaging, making the price true to the advertisement. This poses a big question for students looking for money-saving techniques: is Brandless a viable option for buying your groceries online?

One of the biggest attractions of Brandless is their large amount of gluten-free, organic and vegan products. The product line is extremely inclusive and the set price of $3 eliminates the fear of hidden costs. Filling your online shopping cart with these items and paying for shipping keeps the claws of expensive alternative food stores, like Whole Foods, from imposing high prices of artisan brands. It’s “brandless,” after all; you’re paying solely for the items on the ingredient list.

However, one aspect of Brandless may be too good to be true. The store is missing a lot of what students need in their diets such as produce, meat, fish and any sort of fresh foods. It’s solely non-perishables and while these products aren’t terribly inconvenient, the necessity of fresh foods in a healthy diet is essential.

However, I understand the difficulty in an online store being able to supply fresh produce and poultry. I recommend students use Brandless for their pantry needs and keep their fridge stocked with fresh essentials from their local grocery store.

In addition to offering groceries, Brandless carries a variety of household items, beauty and personal care items. 

My recommendation: Brandless is a great option for the busy college student, but shop wisely and try a few products at a time. Don’t overload your cart with products just because of the low price; make sure you know and need what you’re buying.