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Journey with Me: My Weight Loss Trip Week Seven

By Abby Wisecarver | August 12, 2018

Week SevenAs my weight loss journey is coming to an end, I’ve realized it’s important to be mindful that life’s gonna happen, but you have to be willing to take care of yourself. These past weeks I have proven to myself that if I have a goal in...

Simple changes to eating healthy

By Rachel Sanchez | June 25, 2018

It doesn't take the duo of Mythbusters to prove that “freshman 15” exists. Our busy schedules may only have room to eat fast food. Not only is this eating habit bad for you, but the amount you spend at the dollar menu adds up. As a broke college student,...

Courtesy Brandless 

‘Brandless’ Review: A (Not So) Taste Test

By Lindsey Krysinski | February 28, 2018

Courtesy Brandless 


Pass the Ketchup: An Inside Look at OCD

By Ginger Simons | October 20, 2017


Students can eat healthier

By Tatianna Salisbury | April 6, 2017

Being a college student is difficult, and healthy living is easy to forget when students have a million things of higher priority on their to-do lists. From constantly prepping for exams to the never-ending wasteland of lecture notes, with everything...

In Focus: What are you doing to prepare for your final exams next week?

By Perspective Staff | December 2, 2014

Blake GlossonFor the most part, my preparation for finals week is pretty typical.In terms of studying, I set aside time each morning to review my notes from lectures. I have also found it helpful in semesters past to create study guides from scratch to...

Staying healthy in winter conditions

By Erin Kolb | March 7, 2013

Eating a balanced diet can play a role in staying healthy during the winter months. Martha O’Gorman, Recreation Services’s nutrition program director and registered dietitian, said the season’s weather prevents people from getting necessary nutrients....

Healthy alternatives to restaurant favorites

By Deanna Frances | February 27, 2013

Dieting is never easy. Take it from someone who has struggled with diets for what seems like a long time. When I started dieting to try and maintain my weight and eat foods that were healthier for me, I had a difficult time trying to find foods that were...

Alternative ways to get in shape

By Jen Weddle | January 15, 2013

When I think of New Year’s resolutions, my mind instantly fills with thoughts of overcrowded, sweaty gyms - you have to wait in line for a treadmill or weights just to fulfill the promise every other person in a five-foot vicinity has made to themselves....

Rec Center to hold free fitness classes

By Lindsey Rodriguez | January 13, 2013

NIU is welcoming students back with a Group fitness free week. The Recreation Center is hosting a Fitness free week, which will be held until Saturday. All students are welcome to enjoy free fitness classes in activity rooms one and two. Eric Appiah,...

Guest Column: Buying organically-grown food is good for you and the environment

By MELISSA BURLINGAME | September 25, 2011

What is organically-grown food? Organic growing practices are farming methods to control pests and retain soil nutrients that exclude the use of manufactured (the key word!) pesticides, fertilizers, or other additives to regulate growth, and include other...