In Focus: What are you doing to prepare for your final exams next week?

By Perspective Staff

Blake Glosson

For the most part, my preparation for finals week is pretty typical.

In terms of studying, I set aside time each morning to review my notes from lectures. I have also found it helpful in semesters past to create study guides from scratch to aid with studying, so I am doing that for my tougher classes. Outside of studying, I make it a point to get six to eight hours of sleep per night, as I know this will help with my memory and cognitive function.

I’m also keeping stress levels in check by eliminating unnecessary distractions this week and focusing on the end goals of gaining knowledge and getting good grades.

I know consistent exercise and a healthy diet are also important to maximize academic potential, so I continue to work out regularly and consume generous amounts of vegetables and healthy fats daily.

It’s worthy of note that I have one secret weapon to ensure my success: throughout this process, I religiously listen to Taylor Swift. This stimulates the release of dopamine in my brain, which improves my attitude and gives me the influx of energy I need.

Marilou Terrones

Trying to memorize a semester’s worth of material in a couple of days is challenging, even though I’ve mastered procrastination from years of experience.

I wish I could say I’ve started highlighting key words and phrases from past lectures by comparing what I’ve written to what appears on the study guides because that’s what works best for me, but I haven’t.

The only thing I’ve been doing differently is sleeping more. Since I’m not learning material in any of the courses I’m taking, I’ve had a lot of free time. I figured if I oversleep, which is impossible, then I can’t be upset about losing sleep during finals week when I finally start reviewing for my final exams.

By postponing the beginning of a task, such as studying for finals, I’m forced to work harder. It’s like remembering the deadline for an assignment on the day it’s due, but there’s no way around it. Unfortunately, there isn’t a study method or any study tips that will teach me the course material I didn’t already understand earlier during the semester.

Taylor Reese

Preparing for finals is tough because the final grade some professors give can save your grade point average or shatter it.

This situation is even worse for students who have struggled with the subject of the exam in the past; however, there are ways I’ve found to help others study and improve their chances at getting a good grade.

The obvious method I’m doing is actually reviewing the material I’m being tested on. Also, students should take into consideration the environment they’re studying in. A calm and quiet area is the best place to focus. Founders Memorial Library has extended its hours to accommodate this atmosphere, and that’s where I’ll be spending my time.

Being a part of a study group is strongly recommended, especially if a tutor or teaching assistant is present, because partners can quiz you over the material and vice versa.

Students should also know when to take short rests during their studies, and a 30-minute break every two hours is a good time to give your mind relief, according to Ivy Tech Community College.

Mohammed Taha Faridi

I’m trying to learn exam tips from my professors before studying slides and notes.

The slides and the notes give me a good idea of what my professors consider important for next week. I’ll also look at homework assignments from earlier in the semester.

I plan to ask my professors what type of questions will be included in the exam. I don’t want to waste my time on unnecessary material.

For the stress, I think a change of work is the best rest — it clears and refreshes the mind. I plan on taking short breaks during my studies by watching cartoons or TV series. Sometimes, I prefer to socialize with my friends and roommates.

In the meantime, I’m consulting with seniors who have already taken my classes and contacting teaching assistants who understand the grading system.

My professors might not have the time to answer all of my questions, so I’m hoping to form a study group with classmates who are more familiar with the coursework than I.