Simple changes to eating healthy

By Rachel Sanchez

It doesn’t take the duo of Mythbusters to prove that “freshman 15” exists. Our busy schedules may only have room to eat fast food. Not only is this eating habit bad for you, but the amount you spend at the dollar menu adds up. As a broke college student, you can’t afford getting Doritos Locos Tacos every taco Tuesday. Finding the right healthy diet can go a long way while also cutting costs, so here are some tips and tricks to eating healthy on a budget.


Ponder the Pantry

Before you begin shopping, look to see what you already have. This saves you from buying unnecessary items and helps you see what needs to kick the can. Chips and cookies fuel empty calories, so your best bet is to give them to your roommate or save them for a cheat day. Once you get accustomed to the daily routine, junk food will look like your form of kryptonite.


Balance Your Budget

Check you bank account to see how much you can set aside on food. The shopping spree would be a bust if your card gets declined and you have to hear the cashier say it too loud. One tip is to split the shopping list in half by designating one set of items for one week and the other set for the second week. It seems like your going grocery shopping often, however, this wellness program relies on fresh ingredients which have shorter expiration dates.


We’re Going On a Trip… to the Store

Finding your local stores is important for comparing the best deals. Between Walmart and Aldi, these stores are known for their low prices. Occasionally you’ll see ads marketing items, mostly produce, for a remarkably cheap price. Newspapers and the internet are your best friends to help find those deals.


Fresh Fruit

There is no secret, magical “fix all diets” food. The real magic comes from the basics of the food pyramid: fruits and vegetables. Go with in season fruit to get the best prices and freshest stock. The frozen section is also a great place to look if you can’t get fresh veggies all the time. The more frozen peas and spinach you have in the freezer, the more likely you want to use it all up if you’re starving.


Power Proteins

The excessive use of proteins is often overlooked. Those expensive meal replacements don’t taste good and the shakes can get old. It you want to pack your diet with proteins, go for grilled chicken. Season it the way you want it and pair it with your favorite veggie. Other forms of protein can come from almonds and others nuts.



Another important feature in the pyramid is your calcium intake. The possibilities are endless with creating yogurt bowls or pouring some milk on a whole grain cereal. Deals at Walmart could have milk as low at .95 cents a gallon.


Healthy eating does not have to be rigorous with the strictness and hefty investment you cannot afford to have right now. Remember, meal prepping at night will help solidify  your routine without making you get up early. Healthy eating doesn’t have to be complicated. As long as you revolve your diet around veggies and proteins, you’ll feel the difference.