The Remedies embody punk rock

By Cris Rojo

The Remedies were a relatively unknown punk band before Sunday night when they performed for the first time in DeKalb at the House Cafe, 263 E. Lincoln Highway, making their stage presence known to attendees.

To say the show lived up to the advance hype is an understatement; the Remedies left no stone unturned performing a healthy dose of their latest album, “Repertoire,” alongside many of their best-known songs. “Motivation” and “Lonely Fools,” both of which had the crowd moving, were among the highlights.

Notable gems leaving an impression include the performance of “Arachanine” and “Friday,” both from “Repertoire.” A stellar version of “Space Line Vertical” left frontman Marco Obaya with a broken string and led to an improvisation. Bassist Jake Schnoebelen was left unplugged during one song for rocking out too hard around the entire cafe. The band’s energy was comparable to a young kid’s excitement in a candy shop.

As for drummer Angelo Santoyo, he showcased his inner rockstar with bold drums throughout the set. A notable moment was found during a solo in “Friday,” Santoyo’s drums thundered throughout the cafe.

Schnoebelen energetically continued to show the entire cafe how to truly rock out. Whether it was jumping offstage multiple times to the first half of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” or sliding across the floor and getting in the audience’s faces during heavy songs like “Arachanine,” Schnoebelen proved it doesn’t take fancy clothes or props to rock hard, only a great rock spirit.

Obaya, in comparison to the others, stayed quietly to the right of the stage during the first half of the band’s set but took the atmosphere by storm with surprise bursts of guitar solos during hits like “Deja Vu.”

Despite a small crowd, the band played the venue as if it were a big festival like Van’s Warped Tour, leaving an outstanding energy that could not be matched. This was highlighted during their performance of their song “Weird Al” when the band froze, leaving the room quiet and then proceeding to play again.

Before wrapping up, the band savored all their final bits of energy and let out a finale like no other that could be heard roaring throughout DeKalb.

The Remedies proved to be more than the average garage band from a small town and are genuine artists with passion and professionalism. Through a great balance between the instruments and the band’s clear bond which resonated throughout the set with constant laughs and yells, it’s clear the Remedies are a force to be reckoned with and future headliners on the rise.