6 Things Better Than Chocolate or Flowers

By Samantha Manahan

As Valentine’s Day approaches, many guys and gals sit and wait for their significant other to buy them vast amounts of chocolate or flowers. I, on the other hand, dream of giant stuffed elephants and long-john donuts.

There’s a stigma surrounding the holiday when it comes to gifts of appreciation; companies heavily persuade consumers to get their special person cutesy, Hallmark gifts for Valentine’s Day. Before you rush off to the nearest drugstore and beeline for the bouquets of roses and boxes of Ghirardelli, consider these unconventional, yet romantic gift options.


Who wouldn’t be ecstatic to receive a fluffball of cuteness for Valentines Day? Graduate student Libby Moser and Carolyn Gioia, senior fashion merchandising major, both agreed having their very own furry friend would make this Valentine’s Day the best one yet. I mean, if my boyfriend surprised me with a tail-wagging, face-licking cuddle bug this Valentine’s day, I wouldn’t complain. 

Candlelit Dinner 

Frank Murdock, junior political science major, believes his girlfriend would appreciate a candlelit dinner cooked by the chef himself. When your significant other not only knows your favorite meal but is willing to put time and thought into each spice, it demonstrates their commitment and culinary creativity. They’re definitely someone you’ll want to keep around to share the last piece of pie with.

Food (nuff said)

I think it’s safe to say most college kids love food, especially when it keeps both their stomachs and wallets full. Karen Fung, senior industrial management and technology major, says chicken nuggets are the way to her heart. Nothing is more romantic than having your significant other know your go-to fast food order.

Weekend Getaway 

Whether it be a week in Cancun or a weekend in the Dells, getting away with your partner would be a great V-Day gift, said sophomore engineering student Yaw Enin. Why sit on your couch and binge-watch Netflix for the hundredth time when you could be out riding roller coasters or tanning on a beach?

Mixed CD

Hearing a song and instantly being reminded of someone is a special feeling I hold onto, and junior nursing major Michelle Ulrich agrees. A mixed CD is a gift that can help you speak to your loved one through song, when words may not be enough. Music creates a type of connection that hits your soul on a deeper level than just saying, “I love you.”

Love Letter

Although I wouldn’t consider myself a romantic, the best Valentine’s Day gift I could receive is a handwritten love letter. It’s one thing to find someone who loves our imperfections, but it’s another feeling entirely when they take the time to express their admiration so vividly. A love letter is a keepsake that will (hopefully) be with you for years to come.