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Opinion Columnist Nanette Nkolomoni shares her heartwarming story about her becoming her grandmothers caretaker.

That Time I… became my grandmother’s caregiver

By Nanette Nkolomoni, Copy Editor | January 31, 2023

I was about 8 years old when I noticed a shift in my grandmother’s behavior. My grandmother was a very independent woman with a quick thinking mind and daily routine. She knew when to wake my brother and I up for school and when to pick us up. She knew...

Valentines Day is not only for romance

Valentine’s Day is not only for romance

By Ally Formeller | February 7, 2022
Valentine’s Day celebrations can include friends and family.
Illustration design courtesy of May Taing.

Ask Madelaine: Response to ‘A Decade Apart or 2’

By Madelaine Vikse, Editor-in-Chief | January 18, 2022

The topic for this week's advice column focuses on a crush, but the complications and mixed reactions that this individual is facing from friends, family members and co-workers. I have long struggled with a personal dilemma in which I always happen...

Point/Counterpoint: Friend zone

Point/Counterpoint: Friend zone

By Godwin Thomas | April 16, 2018

  Point/Counterpoint: Friend zone Friend-zoning occurs when someone wants a romantic relationship, despite their friend wanting a platonic one, according to a 2014 study by Bowling Green State University.Its possible to escape the zoneGodwin ThomasThose...

6 Things Better Than Chocolate or Flowers

By Samantha Manahan | February 12, 2018

As Valentine's Day approaches, many guys and gals sit and wait for their significant other to buy them vast amounts of chocolate or flowers. I, on the other hand, dream of giant stuffed elephants and long-john donuts.There's a stigma surrounding the holiday...

5 things you should do every day

By Jordan Luxton | February 23, 2017

1. Set goalsSetting goals for every day is an important way to stay focused on the tasks at hand and track your progress and growth. Every day is an opportunity to better yourself. Each day offers you the chance to take steps forward or backward. If you...

Valentine’s playlist

February 6, 2017

1. “Africa” by Toto2. “Classic” by MKTO3. “Sugar” by Maroon 54. “This is Exile” by Whitechapel5. “Marvin Gaye” by Charlie Puth6. “Wait” by M837. “Heaven” by Bryan Adams8. “All of Me” by John Legend9. “Your Song” by...

Netflix Shows To Watch

By Deanna Frances | January 21, 2016

Now that winter has made its return to DeKalb, staying warm and inside sounds like a great idea. If you’re a Netflix watcher like me, consider tuning into these Netflix originals returning this year:Premiering in February1. “Love”This Netflix original...

‘The Host’ movie is a great sci-fi love story

By Deanna Frances | March 31, 2013

A race of aliens that may be the reason for human extinction become “The Host” of a future world in the newest sci-fi film to hit theaters. Stephenie Meyer, who has become a household name by creating the multi-billion dollar Twilight saga, also created...

Recipes to make your Valentines Day sweet

Recipes to make your Valentine’s Day sweet

By Beth Schumacher | February 13, 2013

Whether you’re single or in a committed relationship, Valentine’s Day is always good for one thing: sweets. It’s hard to resist the candy and baking aisles at the grocery store around this time of year. Why not impress your friends and/or significant...

Last minute Valentine’s Day ideas

By Sarah Contreras | February 13, 2013

Love is in the air. Feb. 14, St. Valentine’s Day, is a day filled with flowers, candy and heart-shaped balloons. Whether or not you have someone to call “sweetheart,” Feb. 14 is still a great day to celebrate love. Love has many forms--we love our...

DC comics to release special Valentine’s Day comics

By Jen Weddle | February 12, 2013

DC Comics has something special in store just in time for Valentine’s Day this year, and it’s aimed at the hopeless romantic--a comic book dedicated to the love lives of some favorite superheroes. DC announced the release of “Young Romance: A New...