5 things you should do every day

By Jordan Luxton

1. Set goals

Setting goals for every day is an important way to stay focused on the tasks at hand and track your progress and growth. Every day is an opportunity to better yourself. Each day offers you the chance to take steps forward or backward. If you take a few minutes to write down your goals every day, your subconscious will differentiate between what is important and what can be placed on the back burner. You may not accomplish every single goal, but you will be more likely to attack them with a higher motivation. You’ll find yourself feeling more fulfilled when you do achieve these goals.

2. Work out

Whether the workout is a quick run around town, a pick-up basketball game or a two-hour weight room session, find some way to get your blood pumping and your heart rate jumping. Regular exercise lessens the risk of medical conditions such as cardiovascular disease and can boost your energy level and ability to sleep at night. Not only will your health improve, but your mind will follow your body. Working out your body releases chemicals called endorphins, which explain why you often feel so great about yourself after finishing, and they help reduce your risk of depression.

3. Neglect your phone

Pull your face out of your phone and talk to those around you. Personal interactions will make you feel more connected to the world around you and can improve your mood. This could be as easy as a quick “hi” to the barista at Starbucks or a long discussion with a group of friends about the weekend’s shenanigans. Stay social and build connections with the people around you. Turn strangers into friends and turn friends into family. 

4. Express your love

You never know the last time you might see someone or the last words you might say to them. Don’t overlook any opportunity to let the ones you care about know how much you care. Even the smallest gesture could make their entire day. Appreciating the ones who mean the most to you will make sure you have the happiest and healthiest relationship possible with them. 

5. Reflect on the day

To examine or observe one’s own mental and emotional processes is called introspection. You should take a couple minutes every day, during a break or before you go to sleep at night, to reflect on yourself. Becoming more self-aware will help you continue to reevaluate what happiness means to you, and knowing what you want will help dissuade other’s opinions of what is best for you from affecting your decisions.