Lorde breaks hearts with ‘Melodrama’

By Sam Malone

This review is part of a series on nominations for Album of the Year.

Somehow combining a schizophrenic and a predictable nature, Lorde’s “Melodrama” may be the most contradictory album nominated for the prestigious Album of the Year award at the 2018 Grammy’s.

“Melodrama” is pure and raw, featuring seamless piano melodies and lyric stylings that are both expected and surprising. Reflecting an internal strife, the album is a heartbreaking yet empowering collection from the New Zealand artist.

“Green Light,” the album’s opening track, takes listeners on an audible rollercoaster as they climb and fall rhythmically with Lorde’s voice. The track feels like it could be three different songs, but somehow, the pieces fit cohesively together.

The fourth and fifth tracks on the album,“The Louvre” and “Liability,” are some of the most lyrically driven pieces of music to be released in 2017. Lorde claws at the depths of her pain and presents her hurt so poetically that anyone who has ever been heartbroken is immediately taken back to their own place of love.

“So I guess I’ll go home into the arms of the girl that I love,” Lorde’s voice cries in “Liability.” “The only love I haven’t screwed up. She’s so hard to please, but she’s a forest fire.”

Subtly hinting she is her own muse, “Liability” displays the isolation of losing someone close to one’s heart and, in addition, the insanity of wondering what went wrong. Nothing about this album is shallow—every song, every lyric, every swelling piano melody and snappy percussive force is as deep and naturally beautiful as the Grand Canyon.

Structurally, there are no surprises to “Melodrama” as one can expect Lorde’s heavy accent to pace back and forth between a slow, powerful droning and a slew of several syllables being pushed forward in a rush.

In a time where albums as a whole are growing less popular, “Melodrama” challenges the expectations and can be listened to as if it were one song. However, the album still has some twists embellished throughout to keep listeners on their toes.

Lorde may only be nominated for one Grammy, but “Melodrama” paints a picture that will burn in listener’s minds long after they hear the pleads of her heart bounce through their ears.