Website revamp brings new culture

The Northern Star has relaunched its site and would like readers to understand how the impact of this change goes beyond aesthetics.

While the Editorial Board is proud of the new look of the website, the relaunch also marks a change in our newsroom culture. The Northern Star is a print media and online news source. As the role of technology has grown in journalism and in people’s lives in general, our newsroom has had to make many cultural changes to keep up.

As editors, our focus is often on what is going on our respective pages every Monday and Thursday, which has made it difficult in the past to put our online presence first. The update of is our way of making the 24/7 coverage promised on our website a reality.

The Editorial Board wants to stay up-to-date on the latest topics that concern our readers. We want to be the first site they turn to for accurate, relevant and entertaining content.

The new website also brought about a new commitment to broaden our coverage. Rather than limit ourselves, we want to reach into areas of coverage we haven’t explored before. The Editorial Board wants to tell the stories no one has heard but wish they had.

With this launch comes an even bigger need for support from our peer community. All Northern Star content is created, edited and chosen by students. We are here for students, which means we need students on our team who have a desire to help create quality content.

Help us be your voice, and let us show the NIU community why it should know your story. The updated website is an invitation to start new with the Northern Star.