Dark themes contrast vibrancy in “Thor: Ragnarok”

By Haley Galvin

“Thor: Ragnarok” delivers a vibrant contrast of action, drama and comedy as it embodies everything the Marvel Universe has become, all in one movie.

The trailer teased fans with very bright colors, music and action contrasting the dark, mysterious villain, Hela, played by Cate Blanchett. Providing a very different angle and visual style than previous Thor movies, Marvel was able to successfully pull off “Ragnarok” in a commendable but not surprising way, given their past success at high maintenance films.

While unique in its angle, the film is a classic Marvel production when it comes to offering the action every fan craves when they seat themselves before another addition to the ever-growing “Avengers” storyline. Nailing the hand-to-hand combat in the film, Marvel left viewers on the edge of their seats with “Ragnarok,” hitting the ball out of the park.

The film also took on a huge challenge with the addition of a wide variety of new characters who each added their own depth to the plot. Hela, one such character, is dark and mysterious, offering so much development not only to the plot but to other characters as well, and Blanchett played the role flawlessly. Her character provided contrast to the vibrant color scheme paraded throughout the rest of the film.

Returning cast members Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston, who appear as Thor and Loki, were no disappointment either as they provided the same dedication to their characters as in previous Marvel appearances.

Hela, who happens to be the Goddess of Death, brings Ragnarok, an ancient prophecy, to Asgard. Threatening the home of Thor, the prophecy decrees Asgard will be destroyed in a fiery apocalypse, a looming doom which provides a very dark tone to the entire film.

In contrast with this drudgingly dark plot point, there is plenty of comedic relief throughout the entirety of the film; something Marvel is known to use expertly. Even in the more serious moments of “Ragnarok,” it seems as though a character can be found cracking a joke to lighten the mood.

While most are timed with ease and perfection, at times these jokes take away from the overall mood of the story. While they are funny and deserving of a laugh, the jokes are sometimes overwhelming and cloud the plot.

“Thor: Ragnarok” is a smash hit, sure to please all die-hard Marvel fans with what is expected, as well as some new twists and turns. Theatergoers should be sure to stay in their seats after the credits roll at the close of this incredible film for a sneak peek at Marvel’s next chapter.