Three “Local” Places to Buy Vinyl



By Lauren Clohessy

Millennials owning vinyl is becoming more and more popular. With stores like Urban Outfitters and Target selling cheap record players, the fad of owning and displaying today’s music on vinyl only continues to grow.

The trend is all fun and games when you live in a city and have a bunch of trendy record shops to shop at, but here in DeKalb, the pickings are slim. Here’s three ways to buy vinyl without going far from campus.


Green Tangerine Records

I only discovered this record shop this year, and I’m mad it took me two years to realize it’s right across the street from campus. They sell used and new vinyl, cd’s and other music memorabilia. Granted, it’s no selection like a store in Chicago would have, but if you have time to look through piles, you can find some classics.


Bear with me here. Sometimes the records other people give away can be someone’s gold. The selection may be sparse, but the prices are cheap, like under $1 cheap. Taking the trip is always worth the shot.


And here’s for us lazy ones who want newer music on vinyl, but don’t want to leave out apartment or dorms. Amazon, the best resource for college students, saves the day again. They’ll have the largest selection on the list, and probably decent prices.